Hydronic heating systems continue to gain popularity across Santa Clara County.  Providing extreme energy efficiency, flexible design, and clean, more consistent temperature control, radiant heating is an ideal solution to winter comfort.  Rely on the qualified professionals from Air Care Heating & Cooling for custom design, skilled service, and quick turnaround on all projects.  We handle your start-to-finish installation with the care, expertise, and quality products to optimize rewards.

Professional Hydronic Heating Services

Taking advantage of the versatility of hydronic heating, Air Care Heating & Cooling designs a system around your specific needs and lifestyle.  Specializing in top quality, proven reliable systems, we’ll match demand to the perfect hydronic boiler, providing the accurate sizing and installation to maximize cost-savings, reliability, and durability.  Hydronic piping can be easily routed around the home or commercial facility, effectively answering any sized or styled space, and providing precision control over your indoor temperature.  Contact Air Care Heating & Cooling for further information and exceptional service throughout Los Gatos, Saratoga, Santa Clara, Mountain View & Los Altos, CA.

Some of the many benefits of a hydronic heating system include:

  • Zoned heating – By setting up multiple zones, you can customize comfort to personal preferences or answer the specific demands of individual rooms throughout the home.
  • Warm floors – Radiant flooring provides corner-to-corner warmth, keeping the heat right where you need it most, and providing comfort at lower thermostat settings.
  • No need to humidify – Hydronic heating does not overly dry out the air in the home, which allows you to feel warmer at lower temperatures.
  • Quiet – As heat radiates steadily throughout the rooms of your home, there is no noise from the system.
  • Air quality – While traditional heating systems force air into the rooms of the home, stirring up and circulating allergens, a hydronic system is wonderfully clean, providing a healthier environment for you and your family.
  • Energy efficiency – Water is a better heat conductor than air, so less energy is needed to transfer warmth throughout the home.  Hydronic systems are also more effective in preventing waste, typically providing comfort at a 20-40% lower cost than traditional heat systems.
  • Comfort – Radiant systems provide gentle comfort by infusing heat into the air, and avoid unpleasant temperature fluctuations.